Atlanta, GA House Fire, Dec 1907


Nora Goss Will Die from Injuries Received in a Fire.

Nora Goss, an old negro woman, was badly burned early this morning in a fire which destroyed her house, 15 Lynch's alley At the Grady hospital it was stated that she would die from her injuries

At the time the flames started she was sick in bed In some way the bed clothing caught fire, and the blaze rapidly spread She was rescued with difficulty. No one else was hurt.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 16 Dec 1907


Ga, fires,between 1884-1890

I appreciate the article ,the one about the fire of Ga. was interesting,as i am trying to locate my great(3)-times grang mother,whom was said to have burned-up in a shack located to her son-n-law property;i dont have a name for her ,although she was reported to be full-bloodied indian,the entire shack burned down including her she was also blind,she rasied her grand-daughter whos name was Laure or Laura Clark,later becomming Treadwell around 1900 or 1910,she was from Vienna,Ga@ the time of her death she was well over 100.