MacDonough, GA Train Wreck, Jun 1900


ATALNTA, GA., June 24.----A passenger train on the Macon branch of the Southern railroad ran into a washout one and a half miles north of Macdonough, last night, and was totally destroyed. The wreck caught fire and all the persons on the train, except those in the Pullman car, perished. The dead number thirty five in all. Not a single one of the train crew escaped. Ten people, none seriously injured, were rescued. Overwhelming rains of the past two weeks have swollen all the streams in this vicinity. Camp creek, which is over its banks, runs alongside the railroad near Macdonough and finally goes under the roadway through a stone culvert. A cloudburst occurred over that point early last evening and a stretch of track one hundred feet long was washed out. When the train went down, the storm was still raging and all the car windows were shut. The passengers met death without an instants warning.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 25 Jun 1900