Cuthbert, GA Tornado, Mar 1909

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Tornado Near Cuthbert, Ga., Destroys Property Valued at Hundred Thousand.

By Associated Press.

Cuthbert, Ga., March 10.
Half a dozen negroes were killed here by a tornado last night and a dozen business buildings were almost totally destroyed. The tornado also tore off the corners and made a fantastic mutilations on many of the buildings. Several white persons were injured but so far as known none seriously. A revival meeting was in progress during the tornado which passed some distance from the church, whose occupants mistook the storm’s roar for thunder and remained at the service throughout the passage of the “twister.” Later many worshippers went, under clearing skies, to find their homes or those of other friends uninhabited from some causes, with here and there a house pulled to pieces almost completely as if some carpenter had taken it apart board by board. The greater part of the destructions was confined to the negro quarters. The total loss probably will reach $100,000. Cuthbert has 2,500 inhabitants.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Ft. Worth, TX 10 Mar 1909