Atlanta, GA Fire, Dec 1902

Fierce Atlanta Fire.
Damage Done Amounting to $500,000---
No Loss of Life.

Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 9.—The most disastrous fire in the history of Atlanta today laid waste nearly a block of buildings in the heart of the city. The fire broke out at 1 o’clock this morning in the furniture store of the Snook & Austin company on Whitehall street. A strong northwest wind aided the fire and sent showers of sparks in every direction. The fire soon spread to the Norcross building on the corner of Marietta and Peachtree and in turn to the large drug house of the Jacobs company on Marietta street, the liquor store of P. M. Rose company and the Williams hotel. There was no loss of life.

There was considerable excitement among the guests of the Kimball house a half block away, as the sparks and flames were blowing in that direction, but the iron windows were closed and the guests suffered little inconvenience beyond the smoke in the building. The windows of the ten story Peters building, which was only recently completed were burst by the heat and other damage was done the structure. The Norcross building was filled with the offices of professional men and the entire sixth floor was used as a restaurant.

The loss is estimated at half a million. The building occupied by the Snook & Austin company was originally the National hotel and during the early reconstruction days was famous as the headquarters of southern politicians.

Grand Forks Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND 10 Dec 1902