Madison Co., GA Rattlesnake Tragedy, Aug 1892


Four Children of a Family Meet Death in One Day.

ATHENS, Ga., Aug. 26. -- A story has reached here from Madison county telling of the sad death of the four children of a family named WILSON in the short time of forty minutes, three of them from a bite of a rattlesnake and the other by drowning. The sad affair occurred a few days ago. MRS. WILSON went to a spring near the house for water, taking the baby with her. She had left the house but a short time when screams attracted her attention, and hastening there she found two of her children dead and the third one sick.

It Was a Rattlesnake.
The little fellow, however, was able to talk and said that they had poked their fingers through a crack in the floor and a hen under the house had bitten them. MRS. WILSON hurried back to the spring and there found that her little baby had crawled into the spring and been drowned. When the mother returned to the house she found the little boy also dead. Some time later the father returned. Search was made and a huge rattlesnake was found under the house and killed.

The Daily Review Decatur Illinois 1892-08-27