Blackshear, GA Train Wreck, Mar 1888

Wreck at Blackshear Georgia


Awful Calamity to a Fast New York Mail Train in Georgia.

Twenty-five Persons Killed and Thirty or Forty Others Injured.

The Train Almost Completely Demolished - The Scene of the Wreck at an Isolated Spot, and Particulars Difficult to Obtain - A Partial List of the Dead and Wounded.

Savannah, Ga., March 17. The first section of the fast mail train from New York for Jacksonville went through a trestle at a point seventy-five miles south of Savannah this morning. The entire train, except the engine, is demolished. Nineteen persons reported to have been killed, and between thirty and forty injured, ten of whom are expected to die. The private car of President WILBUR, of the Lehigh Valley road, with MR. WILBUR and GEORGE GOULD and wife, and others in it, was one of the train. President WILBUR is reported to be seriously injured. GEORGE GOULD is unhurt and MRS. GOULD slightly injured. Relief trains have gone out with physicians. Following is a list of killed and wounded:

CHARLES PEARCE, a train hand.
W. W. MARTIN, news agent.
C. A. FULTON, master of transportation of the Brunswick & Western railroad.
W. B. GIEGER, of Savannah.
FRED MAYNARD, of New York.
F. M. SMITH, Pullman conductor.
MERRETT A. WILBUR, son of the president of the Lehigh Valley railroad.
JOHN FRAY, of Dale's Mill, Ga.
CUFFY WILLIAMS, colored, of Valdos, Ga.
Major H. H. PATE, of Hawkinsville, Ga.
LLOYD CARSON, colored.
COLSON FOSTER, colored, of Waycross.
MOSES GALE, colored.
E. P. THOMPSON, of North Carolina.
Five negro men, names unknown, a total of nineteen killed.

Among the Northern people injured are:
MRS. McCLINCH, of Philadelphia.
SAMUEL OBES and wife, of Providence, R. I.
DR. BOOTHE and wife, of New York.
E. P. WILBUR, president of the Lehigh Valley railroad.
W. A. WILBUR and P. H. WILBUR, his sons.
G. M. FERID and wife, of New York.
MRS. HURLBURTS, of New York.

A later list of the killed omits the names of Major PATE and MOSES GALE and gives instead those of MRS. MARION G. SHAW and daughter MAMIE, of Jacksonville. The injured whose names are given above are all doing well and are not seriously hurt. GEORGE GOULD and wife were slightly bruised.

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