Albany, GA Flood, Mar 1913


Flint River Higher Than It Has Been Since 1898 and Is Still Rising.

Albany, Ga., March 20.---(Special.)---Flint river has risen 2½ feet since yesterday afternoon, and is still coming up. At 5 o'clock this afternoon it stood at 30 feet and 5 inches, within 8 inches of the high record established fifteen years ago, and which has not since been equaled. The present water is at the highest since 1898.

Many dwelling in the lower section of town have been flooded, their occupants being forced to move out with all their household effects. The water is up to the windows of houses built within the last few years, and which were regarded as above the danger line.

A freight warehouse on the river bank was washed from its moorings last night and carried away, and other small buildings have floated down the river. Large areas of cultivated fields which had been prepared for this year's crops are now under many feet of water, and the loss will be quite a serious one to some farmers.

Trains are still unable to cross the Georgia Southwestern and Gulf bridge, over the river 20 miles above Albany. Passengers are transferred at the bridge. It is believed that the crest of the flood will not be reached before early tomorrow.

Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 21 Mar 1913