Atlanta, GA Gelder's Hotel Fire, Mar 1902


Firemen Rescue All the Inmates. Flames Originated in the Basement of a Drug Store.

ATLANTA, Ga., March 17.----Gelder's hotel was badly damaged by fire today. The flames were discovered in the basement of Tyner's drug store at the corner of Broad and Marietta streets, and in five minutes afterward the hotel was filled with blinding smoke.

Chemicals in the basement of the drug store and some whisky stored next door in a saloon caught fire and added to the flames.

The firemen after great difficulty rescued everybody from the hotel, the last person to be removed being Miss La Vohn of Jacksonville, Fla., who was ill in bed. She was hastily carried to a nearby hotel, but admission was refused on the ground that the hotel did not receive invalids. She was finally cared for at another hotel.

The total loss by the fire will not exceed $30,000; fully insured.

The Macon Telegraph, Macon, GA 18 Mar 1902