Lagrange, GA Tornado, Mar 1920

300 Homes of Mill Workers Ruined by Lagrange, Ga., Storm

ATLANTA, Ga., March 28. - At least twelve persons were killed in a tornado that struck Lagrange, Ga., late today, according to work received here tonight.

A telephone report said some estimates placed the dead as high as thirty. The Courthouse and churches were being used as hospitals.

The town was left in darkness, as the light and power plant was damaged and the water works also went out of commission.

The greatest loss of life and property was in the Hillside mill section, where the tornado smashed nearly everything in its path. Estimates were that from one hundred to three hundred small residences were destroyed or damaged.

The Atlanta and West Point Railroad reported that passenger train No. 36 from New Orleans had not been located. Until it was reported no relief train could be sent form here. Number 36, the New Orleans-New York Limited, was supposed to be running late, and it was not known whether it had passed Lagrange, Ga., tonight. All wires were down.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia PA 29 Mar 1920


LaGrange, GA Tornado 1920

My great uncle Whorton Haynes was killed in this tornado. The devastation to some areas of the City of LaGrange was horrible.