Willacoochee, GA Fire, May 1901

Fire at Willacoochee

Tifton, Ga., May 4. -- (Special.) -- Willacoochee, twenty-seven miles east of Tifton, on the Plant system, had a fire last night. The burned buildings were occupied by W. H. Duncan, general merchandise, D. M. Shepherd, general merchandise; G. W. Phillips and A. Corbitt, general merchandise. A part of the stocks were saved. The losses were as follows: W. A. Duncan [illegible] partly insured; D. M. Shepherd, $600; G. W. Phillips, $400; A. Corbitt, $400. The buildings [?] were uninsured. The buildings were valued at about $2,500. Cause of fire is unknown.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 5 May 1901