Macon, GA Flood, Feb 1900


Southern Railway Tracks Near Macon Inundated and Trains Will Have To Use Central Tracks. Many Bridges Washed Away by Waters.

The Ocmulgee is very high.

Lower Portion of East Macon is Flooded - Great Damage Done

Macon, GA., February 13 -“ It was thought this afternoon that the Ocmulgee river had reached its height and that the waters would begin receding, but about 7 o'clock tonight the river began rising again, and at midnight considerable alarm was felt. The water is now as high was it was in 1886. There is no danger of any damage being done in the city, as the water cannot come into the streets.

The Southern railway tracks six or eight miles from the city are submerged and the water is sufficiently high to extinguish the fire in the boxes of the locomotives and trains of that road will have to use the Central tracks to get into the city.

All the lower portion of East Macon is flooded. Below the city the Southern railway tracks are covered, and it is necessary to run the trains over the old line via Stevens's pipe works to get out.

The Central City park in various places is flooded and on the east side of the river below the Macon and Dublin bridge the water has spread over the bottoms as far as a person can see, and the five thousand acres of oats planted down the river between the city and the Southern railway bridge have been covered entirely and are said to be a total loss.

A number of cows and other animals have been drowned below here and several have floated down the stream.

This morning it was thought that the Fifth street bridge would be washed away. The water lacks only about three feet from touching the bottom and a large tree caught on the bridge and hung there quite a while. The bridge held out, however, and the tree was finally dislodged. The old structure still trembles and if the high water continues it will be closed to traffic. All the morning and afternoon large crowds have visited it, but a majority of the passing is done over the Spring street bridge.

The water in the river at present is higher than it has been since 1886, but it is not thought that it will go any higher than it is as present. No damage has been done to property on this side of the river near Macon, but on the East Macon side several houses have been washed up and totally destroyed.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 14 Feb 1900



Largest Flood Since 1886 - Considerable Damage Done

Macon , Ga., February 15 - The Ocmulgee river is still falling rapidly. The water dropped several feed today and by tomorrow the freshet will be gone.

The flood was the biggest since 1886 and considerable damage was done down the river.

The Southern railway tracks are in good condition today and the regular trains are being run.

The flood burst the water main in East Macon which was run through the river and for a while that portion of the town was without water.

A new main was run across the Fifth street bridge temporarily.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 16 Feb 1900