Watkinsville, GA Train Wreck, Jan 1889

The Engine of the Accommodation Car Jumps the Track.

Athens, Ga, January 14--[Special]-- The accident on the C & M railway was not so bad as at first reported. The accommodation train, which was backing out of Watkinsville at the rate of eight or ten miles per hour jumped the track and carried the engine and one car off, leaving the passenger coach on the track. Several of the employes were painfully injured. Among them the fireman and conductor. The engineer was injured worst of all, but the injuries are not necessarily fatal. Engineer Blair was in charge of the train. The wreck was cleared away quickly and trains were soon running.

Conductor E. P. House was hurt in the shoulder, Engineer Jim Blair was hurt on the leg and Flagman J. P. Pitts, was internally hurt by a tool box in the baggage car falling on his breast.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 15 Jan 1889