Popes Ferry, GA Train Wreck, Aug 1895


K. P. Excursion Train Ditched at Pope’s Ferry.

Two Killed and a Great Number injured--Engine Leaves the Track and cars Run Down an Eight Foot Embankment.

Atlanta Ga., Aug.31-- An excursion train on the Southern Railroad, consisting of nine cars, filled with Macon Knights of Pythias and their friends, was wrecked at Pope’s Ferry. Twelve miles from Macon Friday. The engine left the track and four cars followed. The three first went down an embankment of about eight feet. The cause of the accident cannot be determined. Vice President Baldwin, Chief Engineer Hudson and his assistants inspected the track and could find no reason for the accident. In speaking of it Mr. Baldwin said “The cause is entirely beyond our understanding.”

J. A. KENNEDY, of Macon, instantly killed, attempted to jump from the baggage car; was a well known merchant of Macon; aged 35 years.
MRS. C. W. HANCOCK, wife of Editor Hancock of Americus was seated in the coach next to the baggage car, died half an hour after the accident.

Frank Herrington, three ribs broken, injured about the hips and internally, he may be fatally hurt.
Mrs. J. T. Clancy, bad wound in the head , shoulder dislocated and severe internal injuries, her condition is very bad.
Fred Van Brixon, a member of the Macon fire department, both legs hurt, internal injuries in the chest.
John Gantt, arm broken, shoulder dislocated, severe cuts.
Mrs. Castellow, scalp wound and internal injuries.
Miss Mallan T. Hightower, Mrs. Castellow’s daughter, hurt in the head and internal injuries.
Miss Lillian Dumas, right leg broken, severe cuts on the face.
Mrs. J. S. Drake, severe cut and severe internal injuries in the chest.
Mrs. Julia Critenden, face and head badly cut, one rib broken.
Miss Webb, leg broken.
Mrs. Cherry, hurt in the back and neck sprained.
William Montgomery, collar bone broken, shoulder dislocated, cuts on arms.
Giles Atkins, right cheek lacerated, bruises on the hand.
Miss Marie Lowrey, collar bone broken and shoulder dislocated.
Mrs. Fred Abel, two bad cuts on the right arm and also thought to be internally injured.
Mrs. Frank Tharp, internally injured.
Mrs. Brannon, severely injured internally and several outward hurts.
C. W. Fawcett, badly injured in the spine, and is thought to be seriously hurt.
D. M. Carson, seriously injured in the spine, several bruises.
Mrs. E. E. L. Cronin, hip broken.
Dr. S. M. Subers, rib broken.
Mrs. C. W. Hancock, who died from her injuries, was thrown heavily against Dr. Subers.
J. H. Hubbard, kneecap fractured.
Misses Edith and Susie Schatzman were bruised about the face and head. They are daughters of Grand Chancellor W. H. Schatzman, Knights of Pythias of Georgia, He was also aboard and received some bruises.
J. W. Hightower, hurt on nose, chin and shoulder and left side bruised.
Mrs. R. E. Sheridan, hurt on the head,

Sioux Valley News, Correctionville, IA 6 Sept 1895


Popes Ferry Train Wreck


An Excursion Train Leaves the Track Near Macon.


The Accident Occurs on the Central Road -- The Train Carried the Macon Knights of Pythias and Their Friends --- List of Killed and Injured

Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 29. --- An Excursion train on the Central railroad consisting of nine cars filled with Macon Knights of Pythias and their friends, was wrecked at Pope's Ferry, twelve miles from Macon, today. The engine left the track and four cars followed. MRS. C. W. HANCOCK of Americus, Ga., was found wedged between two seats and died soon after being brought to Macon. JAMES KENNEDY of Macon was killed outright, a car rolling on him. These are the only fatalities, but it is though [sic] several of the injured will die.

The dead are JAMES KENNEDY and MRS. C. W. HANCOCK.

The injured are MRS. G. T. CLANCEY hurt internally and about the head; MR. HARRINGTON, seriously injured; MR. FAWSETT, injured internally; MR. CARSON, slightly injured; MISS. L. DOYLES leg and arm broken; BILLY GUMA, internally injured; JOHN GANT, shoulder injured.

Aspen Weekly Times Colorado 1895-08-31