Grays, GA train wreck, Jan 1907


Train From Athens Derailed on Account of Rotten Crossties

The Athens train, which is due in Macon at 11:45 over the Central, ran off the track yesterday morning at 10 o'clock between Grays and Bradley, about twenty-six miles from Macon, owing to a rotten tie which caused the rail to give way, and break, throwing the train off the track and severely frightening some of the passengers.

The two passenger coaches were thrown off the track on their side and the engine was partly thrown off.

After the passengers had gotten off and it was seen that no one was hurt, the work of getting the engine on the track was begun, which lasted about three hours.

The passengers made a fire out of the rotten ties and talked of wrecks and other things as best they could until the engine was freed from the wreck, when all got aboard the engine and rode into Grays, where they were met after some delay by a train which brought them into Macon, where they arrived at 4 o'clock. No one was hurt in the wreck, and all got to Macon safely. The cars were considerably damaged and the track was torn up for some distance.

The Macon Daily Telegraph, Macon, GA 21 Jan 1907