GA, SC flooding, Aug 1908


Twenty Lives Lost in South Carolina and Georgia - Worst in 20 Years.

Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 26. - More than 20 lives have been lost and enormous damage to property caused by the floods which are prevailing in western South Carolina and eastern Georgia. The railroads are blocked, and communication by telephone and telegraph has been largely interrupted. The flood is the worst that has prevailed for twenty years. Nineteen of the persons who perished los ttheir [sic] lives when a steel bridge over the Watree river at Camden, S.C., was destroyed. Twenty-five persons were on the bridge watching the surging waters, when a 150 foot span gave way, and only six of those on the bridge have been accounted for.

A Southern railway train from Asheville to Spartansburg ran into a washout near Saluda and Engineer London was killed and the fireman badly injured. The tracks of the outhern, between Alston and Columbia, are submerged, and several trestles are down on the Charleston and West Carolina road. There are many washouts and landslides on the Asheville division of the Southern. There has not been a through train from Atlanta to Charleston since yesterday morning.

While the flood conditions prevail all over Eastern Georgia, Augusta seems to be the chief sufferer. The city is completely under water, cut off from communication by rail or wire, the last telephone message coming at 5.30 in the afternoon and reporting the entire city submerged. Later advices state that fire has added its terrors to the already pitiable condition existing in Augusta. A huge cotton warehouse with its rich deposit of goods was destroyed while Nixon and Co's. great wholesale grocery warehouse already surrounded by 10 feet of surging water and burned to the water's edge.

The Manitoba Morning Free Press, Winnipeg, MB 27 Aug 1908

Much Suffering Among the Poor at Augusta - Exact Loss of Life.

Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 27. - Although the water is falling in the streets, the flood conditions have caused great suffering among the poor and the full damage has not yet been estimated. Boats are still being used as the only means of conveyance in the city. There have been many casualties in and around the city, but the number is not yet learned. While the worst is believed to be over, the aftermath is dreaded, the sanitary conditions being bad. Aid will be sent in from the outside cities. The flood, which struck the city Tuesday, reached its climax at midnight last night, when the water began receding. Thousands watched the lowering waters, homeless and fearful for the safety of friends and families who were at the mercy of the flood. Not a wheel in any industry is turning in the city and the place is in total darkness.

The Manitoba Morning Free Press, Winnipeg, MB 28 Aug 1908