Honolulu, HI (off coast) Fire On Ship, Aug 1950


Honolulu, T. H., Aug. 9. -- (U.P.) -- The light cruiser USS Manchester was swept by a flash fire that killed two sailors and injured four others while at sea en route to Hawaii from the West coast the 14th Naval district headquarters announced Wednesday.
The Navy announcement said that the fire occurred in the after fire room on Aug. 3 while the 10,000 ton warship was about 500 miles from Oahu.
The ship is currently undergoing repairs at Pearl naval shipyards following its arrival here last Saturday.
A preliminary investigation disclosed that the fire was caused when a boiler man mistakenly turned a wrong valve on a boiler, releasing a stream of oil which ignited.
A Navy spokesman said there were 10 men in the room at the time and two victims died of asphyxiation as choking smoke filled the room.
The Navy identified the dead sailors as Boilerman ROGER EMERY PELLAND, Williamsett, Mass., and Boilerman ALBERT PENNOCK CORBETT, Roxborough, Pa.
None of the injured was from Montana.

Montana Standard Butte 1950-08-10