Honolulu, HI Submarine Fire, June 1960

Submarine SARGO.jpg


Honolulu (AP) -- Two men were unaccounted for after a flash fire aboard the nuclear submarine SARGO at Pearl Harbor, a Navy spokesman said today.
The one-hour blaze Tuesday was put out after the 2,500-ton submarine was half submerged, a Navy spokesman said.
The fire, which broke out in the stern or torpedo room, at not time endangered the submarine, the Navy said.
The torpedo compartment was immediately flooded and the stern half of the ship was submerged shortly after the fire broke out at 5:30 p.m. The submarine was tied alongside the dock.
Cause of the fire was attributed by Navy spokesman to a rupture in the liquid oxygen line near the after torpedo room. The submarine was taking on a supply of liquid oxygen.
The room was immediately sealed off and flooded.
Officially, the Navy said no determination has yet been made of casualties.
But a spokesman said: "There could be two crew members unaccounted for." He added that no determination could be made until water had been pumped from the flooded torpedo chamber.
The spokesman said there was "absolutely no danger from an explosion in the nuclear reactor compartment."

The Salisbury Times Maryland 1960-06-15