Honolulu, HI (near) Cargo Plane Crash, Sep 1955


Honolulu (AP) -- A Flying Tiger DC4 cargo plane was believed down in the Pacific about 1,000 miles west of here Saturday. Search planes and ships started in a vast rescue attempt.
Five men were aboard the four-engine ship, which was carrying military cargo from Travis Air Force Base, near San Francisco.
Lt. Jack Benson of Coast Guard Search and Rescue, said the plane in its last message -- at 8:48 p.m., Honolulu time -- reported it would ditch.
A report at 8:06 p.m. said the plane had mechanical trouble and was then at 9,000 feet. The last message said it was at 500 feet.
Military planes were sent to the area from Hawaii and Midway Island, some 500 miles from the stricken craft's last reported position.
Other planes and ships in the area joined the search.
The Flying Tiger line identified the crew members as follows:
Capt. ANTHONY J. MACHADO, 40, of Hollywood, pilot.
WARREN F. GIN, 34, of Los Angeles, co-pilot.
ROBERT C. HIGHTOWER, 22, of Vallejo, Calif.,
RICHARD C. OLSEN, 43, of Van Nuys, Calif., navigator.
DOMINICK VENTRESCA, 43, of Sepulveda, Calif., navigator.

Daily Chronicle Centralia Washington 1955-09-24