Kauai Island, HI Bomber Crashes Off Shore, Dec 1955

P2V Navy bomber.jpg


Honolulu -- (UP) -- A two-engine P2V Navy Patrol bomber with a crew of 10 crashed at sea 26 miles off the shore of Kauai Island late Wednesday night and a submarine picked up three survivors.
An air-sea search was manned immediately for the remaining crewmen, but search commanders held little hope of finding the other seven until sun-up.
The three survivors were identified as:
Lt. K. C. GUEDEL, Dover, Ohio, the pilot.
Lt. (jg) E. F. O'MALLEY, Chicago, the co-pilot.
Lt. (jg) ROBERT S. SMITH, Montgomery, Ala., the navigator.
Two of the survivors needed medical attention and were returned to Pearl Harbor.
The plane crashed while on a routine training mission with seven submarines. A search began when it failed to report on schedule.
An accompanying P2V sighted flares and the submarine "Mashaw" picked up the survivors shortly after.
The plane was stationed at Barbers Point Naval Air Station.
Meanwhile, a search continued for two Marine dive bomber pilots lost on a routine training flight Tuesday night off Oahu Island.
One pilot was identified as 1st Lt. TODD L. WYMAN, 25, Winchester, Mass.
The P2V crash was the eighth military plane accident in the Hawaiian area in the past two weeks. All other seven were Marine aircraft.

Las Vegas Daily Optic New Mexico 1955-12-08