Hilo, HI Earthquake, Apr 1926

Sharp Quake Shakes Hilo

Lava Flow Is Less After Latest Tremor in Islands

Hilo, T.H., April 22.-(AP)-The sharpest earthquake in years shook Hilo today as an accompaniment of the latest outburst of the volcano Mauna Loa. One building was shaken eight inches from its foundations.

The lava flow has slackened somewhat, but menaces the seaside village of Milolii with its waterworks, school house and dozen homes. The fiery stream has still some distance to go and if unreplenished at its source may not reach the village.

Refuges from the destroyed village of Hoopuloa have been cared for by the 70 inhabitants of Milolii.

Already the lave flood has moved upon the B.M. Allen estate, destroying four ranch houses and other property, doing damage of $10,000. Several hundred cattle stampeded when the buildings took fire and may be cut off in the mountains. Cowboys are searching for them.

Nevada State Journal, Reno, NV 23 Apr 1926