Honolulu, HI Man Killed by Number 13 Train on Friday the 13th, Sept 1912

Honolulu Star Bulletin September 13, 1912
Train 13 kills him Friday 13th

Cannery employe on way to work meets death in the railway yards

The number 13, supposed to be representative of all the bad luck in the world, displayed its potency as a male volent agent this morning in the case of Theodore Alexandrovitch an employee of the Hawaiian Pineapple Co. when on Friday the thirteenth he was run over and killed by freight train No. 13 in the Oahu railway yards. The engine carrying five cars ahead left the station at an early hour this morning. Shortly after leaving the station, the brakeman stationed to the forward car noticed the man walking in the middle of the track and in the direction of the several canning factories. Despite shouts and calls, as well as the ringing of the engine bell, the man seemingly paid no attention to the warning. Before the heavy train could be brought to a full stop, four cars had passed over Alexandrovitch severing the body and dragging the remains for some distance. Coroner Charles Rose was summoned and immediately conducted an investigation. Alexandrovitch is a man of family. A wife and two daughters and one son surviving. For some time past he has resided at Camp Number 3. From inquiry made by Coroner Rose, the brakeman claimed that every effort possible was made to warn the man of the approach of the train. He, alleged by a Chinese witness to the tragedy to have turned at one time during the progress of the train and said that there was still plenty of time. Coroner Rose took the statement upon the platform of a nearby pineapple cannery when the Russian fell beneath the wheels of the car. Engineer Jacinto Rodrigues of the freight train besides other members of the crew have been summoned to appear before the coroner at an inquest to be held at 1 0’ clock tomorrow afternoon. Inquiry made by the coroner this morning developed the fact that the russian was on his way to work. An examination of his effects brought to light a battered metal badge such as is used at the pineapple canneries, the number being "950."


This was my great great

This was my great great grandfather. His name was Feodor Kovner but his name was changed in the article to Theodore Alexandrovich.