Honolulu, HI Canadian Pacific Plane Crashes, July 1962



Honolulu -- (AP) -- A Canadian Pacific airliner crashed and burned in an emergency landing at Honolulu International Airport last night, killing 27 persons. Thirteen escaped with minor injuries.
The Britannia turboprop crashed in a runway construction area. The impact scattered bulldozers and earth moving machines.
The exploding airliner was sliced in two by the massive construction machinery. The plane's front section was reduced to tangled steel and ashes.
All 13 survivors were in the tail section. Three stewardesses and the purser, all from Vancouver, B.C., were among them.
Twenty passengers and seven members of the crew lost their lives.
The liner, Empress of Lima, had left Honolulu only 41 minutes earlier for Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia. Minutes after takeoff the pilot radioed the Honolulu tower that he had feathered No. 1 engine and was heading back.
The big silver aircraft appeared to veer left just before touching down on what Federal Aviation Agency officials said was a "routine landing on three engines."
The leftward slipping plunged the aircraft into the runway construction equipment. The impact explosion spread flames and chunks of fuselage and engines over hundreds of yards.
The crash was the worst civilian air disaster in Honolulu history. Sixty-six died in March, 1955, when a Military Air Transport Service plane crashed in mountains near the airport.
The plane, Canadian Pacific's Flight 310, had originated in Vancouver Friday and was held over in Honolulu after arriving at 5:30 a.m. Hawaii time (10:30 a.m. EST) Saturday.
The 13 survivors in the tail section were thrown clear of burning wreckage when the tail section broke off.
Survivors were taken to Tripler Army Hospital. Civil Aeronautics Board investigators will question them later today.
Two pilots, two first officers, a second officer, and two navigators apparently died instantly in the pilot's section.

Oakland Tribune California 1962-07-23


Interested in knowing more as my uncle was killed in this crash.

Hi I see this was awhile ago and am not sure if this will even be received ..My Uncle Fred Giguere was killed in this terrible crash. I have always been told that he was serving as Check Pilot on this flight. Our family lived just a few doors down from Fred and Olives in Ocean Park BC and were very close.When this crash occurred we had just moved . Fred had flown for quite a few years for Canadian Pacific. His brother Rene was fairly high up in Air Canada , Winnipeg , and his sons my cousins Dennis and Robert would also become Air Canada pilots based in Winnipeg and Montreal...Robert I believe also taught the simulator program in Vancouver but that may have been a private contract. Anyhow any information would be appreciated .

Who was your father?

Who was your father?

Hi Joe, I have the

Hi Joe,

I have the information you are looking for. Please provide me with your email and I would be happy to chat with you.


My father Welland Jennings

My father Welland Jennings DFC was the Captain of the Canadian Pacific Bristol Brittania that crashed at HNL on July 22n 1962. Emile Perron (Bagnes Vs) was my grandfather. Eva Jennings Nee Perron was my mother. My mother remarried in the 1970s. You are correct that her family name after her 2nd marriage was Johnston.

Please send me you email address and Skype name. Perhaps I can answer a few questions off line. Please be prepared to share the reasons for your interest.

Liste des personnes décédées, vol 301 du 22 juillet 1962

Suite à mon email du mois d'août, il semblera que le nom soit; JOHNSTON ???
Qui pourrai confirmer???
Merci d'avance
Take care
Joe Bauer

liste des pilotes décédés

Je recherche le nom d'un pilote de cet avion du vol 301 crash du 22 juillet 1962.Je recherche la famille de ce pilote, ce que je sais, c'est que le nom de jeune fille de son épouse est Perron, elle est fille de Emile Perron originaire de Suisse et décédé à Vancouver le 8 avril 1974.
Qui aurait le nom de ce pilote décédé dans ce crash ??
I look for the name of a pilot of this plane crash of Flight 301 on July 22 1962.Je research family of the pilot, which I know is the maiden name of his wife is Perron, it is daughter of Emile Perron from Switzerland and died in Vancouver April 8, 1974.
thank you for your research.
Take care,
Jo Bauer

plane crash

Hello Jim, yes we do have a connection. David was my uncle, whom I had never met since I wasn't born until Sept of 1966. I see Sheila every day, her pictures hangs in the hallways of the hospital that I work at. She was in training at another hospital that later joined with ours. So I see her daily. My mother thinks about the accident all the time. David was her only brother, and she had lost her father only 6 months prior, to this fatal accident. Her birthday is tomorrow June 11, and she will be 80 years old. I cannot wait to let her know that you have made a connection. Please email us a pcm7@cogeco.ca Sincerely, Marie Booze

Plane crash ….Hawaii 1962

By accident I have read an email which you sent seeking info on this plane crash.
My sister , Sheila , brother-in-law David and their son died in that crash .

Do we have a connection ?


my uncle was the second

my uncle was the second flight officer on that flight.if you still have information and pictures. i,d love to see them.

flight 301

hi john , my uncle was the second flight officer on this flight. i don,t know why but i,ve always been interested in knowing as much as i can about this accident, so if you still have that information i wouldn,t mind seeing it.