Honolulu, HI Schooner PRINCE OF HAWAII Wreck, Aug 1858

By the arrival of the sch. John Young from Kauai, we receive the sad intelligence that the little new schooner, lately launched in this city and called "the Prince of Hawaii," had last week, day not specified, capsized and foundered at sea between Kauai and Niihau. It was her first trip, and we hear it said that she had heavy ohia timber on deck, without corresponding ballast in the hold. There were on board, at the time of the disaster, three foreigners--Mr. J. Reed, keeper of the "Western Hotel" in Honolulu, George----------and H'y Phillips, a colored man, and eight natives. We hear it said also that the natives, with a generosity that does them honor and should not be overlooked, gave up the vessel's boat to the foreigners, (one of whom was a cripple,) and boldly struck out for the distant shore themselves, which six of their number reached safely but exhausted. The remaining two natives were supposed to have been lost. Of the foreigners left in the boat no tidings have yet arrived, though their chance of escape from a watery grave is looked upon as one of the slimmest.

Morning Oregonian, Portland, OR 27 Apr 1913