Hilo, HI Tour Plane Crashes On Mountain, Apr 1974


Hilo, Hawaii (UPI) -- The wreckage of a twin-engine tour plane and the bodies of the 11 persons aboard were found Friday on the side of a mountain on the island of Hawaii.
Rescuers who made their way through rugged terrain to the site of the wreckage 31 miles southwest of Hilo reported they found 11 bodies.
The search party was organized after the plane was spotted from the air at the 7,500-foot level on the east side of the mountain.
The twin-engine Beechcraft vanished Thursday after taking off from the "big island" on a scenic tour of the volcano area and Hamakua coast en route to the island of Maui.
The pilot, VINCENT E. MORINE, had filed a flight plane to arrive at Kahului at 11:13 a.m. Thursday.
The passengers, mostly tourists from the mainland United States, were not immediately identified.

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