Cleveland, ID Bomber Crashes, Dec 1942


Pocatello, Ida., Dec. 5. -- (UP) -- An army bomber crashed in Wilson canyon near Cleveland, Ida., killing the crew of 10 men, the public relations office of the Pocatello airbase said today. Names of the men aboard were not immediately released.
The plane was located late yesterday by ground crews which had been searching in the rugged area around Grace and Soda Springs since the bomber was reported missing Wednesday night from a routine training flight.
Searching parties, guided to the wreckage by aerial observers, were forced to travel over the steep mountains on snowshoes.

San Mateo Times California 1942-12-05



Pocatello, Ida., Dec. 5 (INS) -- An army board of inquiry tonight investigated the crash of an army bomber in the southeastern Idaho mountains in which 10 fliers were killed.
The bomber crashed last Wednesday night but the bodies were not recovered until today.
The victims were:
Second Lt. HAROLD K. SIMPSON, Fitchburg, Mass.
Second Lt. WENDELL L. SIMMS, Pasadena, Cal.
Second Lt. THOMAS J. WYMOND, Garden City, Mich.
Second Lt. CHALMERS G. WENRICH, Harrisburgh, Pa.
Staff Sgt. JOHN E. LAZANSKI, Cary, Ill.
Sgt. NEAL L. SLINKER, Nebraska City, Neb.
Corp. CHARLES L. WALKER, JR., Philadelphia.
Pfc. NICHOLAS M. ZOMPETTI, Marlsborough, Mass.
Pvt. JOSEPH R. HUGHES, Brandford, Conn.
Pvt. DONALD W. SEANEY, Wichita, Kan.
The wrecked bomber was found 13 miles south of Soda Springs, Ida. Searchers said the bomber appeared to have exploded before striking the mountains and that the victims apparently were instantly killed. The bomber had been stationed at the army air base at Pocatello.

Port Arthur News Texas 1942-12-06