Boise, Idaho, Horse Accident, Oct 1934

Boise, Idaho, Horse Accident, Oct 1934

Girl Killed By Her Pony

Boise, Idaho Oct 23 – AP – Helen Louise BECK, eleven years old, was kicked to death at noon yesterday at Mayfield school east of here by the saddle pony which had carried her from her farm home to the little country school for many years.

The girl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James O. Beck of Mayfield, left her classes at the lunch hour to find the horse fighting at the hitching rack behind the school with a saddle belonging to another pupil. Classmates said the girl walked up to her horse to quiet it and the nervous animal lashed out at her with one of its hind feet. Struck in the head, the child fell to the ground unconscious.

She was rushed to St. Luke’s hospital in Boise where she was found to have suffered multiple fractures of the skull. She died a short time later without regaining consciousness.

Friends of the girl said the horse was gentle and never before had given any trouble.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 23 Oct 1934