Caldwell, ID Electric Trains In Collision, July 1909

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Spokane, Aug. 1. - The number of dead as the result of the headon collision of two electric trains on the Coeur d'Alene & Spokane railroad last evening totals 16 and the number of injured about 75.

The wreck occurred at Caldwell, Idaho, a small station 25 miles east of Spokane.

Many persons from eastern states were on the trains, having come to Spokane to register for the Indian land opening. The official list of dead and injured was given out tonight.

The Dead:
W. J. HOUSE, Cheney, Wash.
WILLIAM S. WONSETLER, Harrington, Wash.
A. P. WHITLEY, Memphis, Tenn.
WILLIAM ALAN WARD, Wenatchee, Wash.
JOHN A. VENCE, Springfield, Mo.
DARRELL GOLDEN, Spokane, Wash.
WILLIAM A. DAHLQUIST, Eatherville, La.
JOHN H. COX, Medical Lake, Wash.
MR. A. B. McDONALD, Drummond, Mont.
MRS. A. B. McDONALD, Drummond, Mont.
FRED McGARRY, Spokane, Wash.
W. L. PERRY, Spokane, Wash.
J. C. KRAUSE, Spokane, Wash.
FRANCES GOLDEN, Spokane, Wash.
HERMAN GILBERT, Coeur d'Alene, Id.

Among the injured are many who live in states east of here. Their names, as given in the official list, follow:

The Injured:
DANIEL CARMODY, 4610 Union Avenue, Chicago, double fracture of left leg and internal injuries.
P. A. WATERS, Pleasant Lake, N.D., both legs broken.
GUY TOMBLESON, Mulenville, Kan., leg cut.
ARTHUR MARVIN, Victor, Mont., sprained shoulder and hip.
CHARLES OSBORNE, Freeport, Ill., bruises.
MRS. CHARLES OSBORNE, Freeport, Ill., scalp wounds and knee hurt.
C. P. VAN SANDT, Harrisonville, Mo., knee hurt.
E. L. DIXON, Norfolk, Neb., compound fracture of left leg.
CARL WILSON, Missolu, Mont., severe bruises of legs and body.

Many of the injured were brought over to Spokane today on a special train from Coeur d'Alene and distributed among the various hospitals here. Several were able to walk from the train carriage, but the majority had to be carried on stretchers.

Arrangements for burying the dead are delayed pending word from relatives in different parts of the United States. Indignation has been aroused by reports of avarice said to have been exhibited by an undertaking firm at Coeur d'Alene. Two drays are said to have been hurried to the scene of the wreck, loaded with bodies and hurried away in the rooms of the firm.

MRS. LANCEFORD of Spokane, one of the injured, said that when she recovered consciousness in the wreckage she was held down under the body of a man whose skull was crushed, and she heard some one saying, "Leave them alone, they are dead; get out the live ones." She managed to struggle free unassisted.

General Manager Graves of the Spokane Inland railway, of which the Coeur d'Alene is a part in an official statement, says the other officers have been so busy looking after the dead and injured that they have done nothing whatever toward fixing the responsibility for the accident. There will, however, be a thorough investigation, he says and the result will be given to the public. It is learned from an officer who declines to be quoted that Motorman CAMPBELL of the westbound train, the extra which was wrecked, had orders from the dispatcher to pull out of Coeur d'Alene and take a siding about three quarters of a mile out. In order to allow the regular eastbound train to pass. He passed that siding, either forgetting his orders or imagining he could make the next siding, about another mile ahead. It was between the two sidings that the collision occurred.

Independent Helena Montana 1909-08-01


It's actually La Cross

It's actually La Cross Gibbs, Idaho


Is Caldwell an unknown siding near Coeur d' Alene? Have never heard of it in the Spokane/Post Falls/ Coeurd' Alene area.

There is a Caldwell in the southern part of the state near Boise.