Genesee, ID Elevator Accident Jan 1920


C. M. Rist Found Dead at the C. E. Wood Company's Elevator Thursday Morning

C. M. RIST, an employe of the C. E. Wood Co., met accidental death at their elevator Thusday morning, January 29, about 9:30 o'clock. The cause of the accident has not been definitely determined.

F. J. Cornish, the company manager, had been talking with Mr. Rist just a short time before the accident and Mr. Rist had stated that for some cause a belt on a pulley wheel connected with the mill machinery had been slipping and asked Mr. Cornish to start the machinery slowly for him. Mr. Cornish had told him to give him a sharp call of some kind so that he could be heard above the noise of the machinery, and Mr. Rist had done so. Mr. Cornish had then waited upon two customers, when he noted that the wheat was not being put into the elevator and he started to look for Mr. Rist.

He found him lying on the mill floor, face down, near the scouring machine, and upon examination found that life was extinct. A small pool of blood was found where his face struck. His watch, knife and other things in his pockets lay on the floor about his body. From all appearances he had not moved and death was instantaneous.

Just how the accident happened is not known but it is thought that he had gotten upon a heavy timber about seven feet from the floor to put belt dressing on the pulley belt, as the cake of dressing was found as if it had been dropped there. The supposition is that he fell head first from this timber to the floor. As he was just recovering from a recent illness it was thought his fall might have been caused from weakness.

As soon as the body was discovered Mr. Cornish summoned help and it was removed to the Lambert undertaking room. Upon examination Mr. Lambert found the left cheek bone and jaw bone broken and it appeared as if the base of the skull had been fractured, but the head was not crushed.

Mr. Rist and his wife came from Nebraska to Genesee to reside last summer and purchased from W. D. Woodward what is known as the C. H. Wheeler property and acreage in the east part of town. His daughter, Mrs. Wood, and family came here from Nebraska last fall. Besides the daughter there is one son thought to be living at their old home in Nebraska. The deceased was about 56 or 57 years old.

The family have enjoyed the respect of every one with whom they have become acquainted since coming here and they have the sincere sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.

At the time of going to press funeral ararngements[sic] had not been made.

The Genesee News, Genesee, ID 30 Jan 1920