Genesee, ID House Fire, Mar 1920


Early Sunday Morning Fire Destroys Residence Property of C. P. Whalen---Injured.

C. P. Whalen suffered the loss of his home and all its contents in a fire early Sunday morning. The alarm of fire was turned into the central telephone office about 4:30 o'clock by Mrs. H. H. Schooler, who happened to be awake at that hour and discovered the fire, but the house was then a mass of flames. It was also discovered by Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Jarboe about the same time. Mr. Jarboe, fearing Mr. Whalen's life might be endangered, attempted to enter the bedroom but the flames and smoke drove him back. However, Mr. Whalen was not at home at the time the fire started and the origin will probably remain a mystery.

The house was practically new, having been rebuilt the past year. It was purchased by Mr. Whalen last fall at a cost of $1800 and been occupied by him and his family since last December. Insurance to the amount of $3,500 was carried by Mr. Whalen on the house and contents but it is thought that this amount will not cover the loss by $1,000, at the prevailing prices.

General regret is expressed in the community over Mr. Whalen's loss as this is the second time the family has lost all of their household goods without the past six years, the very destructive fire of the summer of 1914 having started in his home from an unknown source.

Soon after the fire alarm was sounded Sunday morning the fire boys were at the scene and although too late to save the house or any of the contents, they succeeded in keeping the fire from spreading to Mr. Jarboe's house, which was close by, or to any of the neighboring property.

The Genesee News, Genesee, ID 26 Mar 1920