Alton, IL Train Wreck, Apr 1895



Alton, April 6. -- A freight train was wrecked on the Alton road at Wood River bridge, three miles east of Alton. On the train were sixty laborers and tramps, most of whom had just quit work on the drainage canal near Chicago.
The killed are:
DAVID HEFLY, Watertown, Wis.
FRANK HARREMAN, Philadelphis, Penn.
CHARLES BELL, Springfield, Ills.
HENRY BLITZ, New Orleans.
Fatally injured:
JOHN MORAN, Springfield, Mass., terribly cut and bruised, totally paralyzed;
THOMAS COTTA, has no home, right arm broken, head badly cut and chest crushed.
C. W. SCHROEDER, Argentine, Kan., right arm broken, also both legs broken, internal injuries.
HENRY GLASS, Pennsylvania, jaw broken, shoulder dislocated, collar-bone broken, and head badly cut.
The other injured are:
MARTIN PICKENS, Chicago, back sprained, cuts on head.
JOHN CARRS, Cincinnati, scalp cut.
HARRY WILLIAMS, Toledo, leg crushed.
THEODORE HUNT, no home, ankle crushed.
WILL WILLET, Dallas, Tex., head and shoulders hurt.
JAMES HART, no home, head, legs and back cut.
CHARLES CUSTER, Lima, O., hip broken, back cut.
ROBERT SEAL, New York City, ankle crushed and kneecap dislocated.
OTTO SCHDET, no home, internal injuries, seriously hurt.
The accident occurred on Wood River bridge, which is an open structure, seventy-five feet above the water. There is a down grade here and the engineer applied air brakes to the front cars as is customary.
In the middle of the train was an empty flat car, and back of this a number of heavily laden box cars. When the air was applied the heavy cars forced the flat car off the track, and in an instant fourteen cars went over the bridge. The scene following was one of heartrending distress. It was yet dark and chaos reigned. The injured were brought to the hospital here. The wreck is on the "cut-off," so that the trains were not delayed. None of the train crew was hurt, as the middle cars only went over the bridge.

Sterling Evening Gazette Illinois 1895-04-06