Decatur, IL Train Wreck, Jan 1929

Man Disregards Watchman; Hit By Train; Dies

George Gregory Breaks Away From Guard in Hurry to Beat train

Both Legs Cut Off

Breaking away from the grasp of crossing watchman, GEORGE GREGORY stepped on the tracks in front of the Pennsylvania gas-electric car Wednesday morning. Both of his feet were cut off beneath the train.

He died in St. Mary’s hospital at 1:30 o’clock Wednesday afternoon after both legs had been amputated below the knee in an attempt to save his life.

Man Was Hurrying

According to witnesses at the scene of the accident, GREGORY who was hurrying east on East William street, paid no attention to the crossing watchman who was flagging traffic at the approach of the train. Seeing that the man was about to walk directly in front of the car, the crossing watchman ran to him and grabbed him by the arm to stop him. Surprised and confused at being suddenly seized, GREGORY pulled loose from the watchman and stepped on the track in front of the train.

Both Legs Cut Off

The wheels of the car ran over his legs just above the ankle, mangling his feet. He was taken to St. Mary’s hospital in Moran’s ambulance. He died of shock after his legs had been amputated.

Decatur Evening Herald, Decatur, IL 9 Jan 1929