Chicago, IL Apartment Fire, May 1901

The origin of the fire is unknown. The building was an old one, built of wood, and burned so rapidly that all avenues of escape by stairways were cut off before the occupants were aware of the fire.

Defended by Railway People.
Officials of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern railroad, on whose track the train is said to have blocked the firemen, declare that they have evidence that the blocking lasted but a few minutes, and that the members of the train crew did everything in their power to make way for the fire engines.
Conductor Brown, who was arrested, claims one of the firemen uncoupled the air brakes without turning the angle cock, setting the brakes, and that the engineer was unable to move the train until the pipes were filled again and the brakes released. After an investigation by the police officials the train crew was released on bonds.
The fire was fraught with an incident of the most distressing character. The little 2-year-old daughter of CHRISTIANSON, who lived on the third floor, was terribly burned, her left arm and her face being roasted. Her father, a follower of Dr. Dowie, refused to allow the little one to have medical aid, and fought desparately when she was taken from him. He clung to the burned arm of the child, and part of the flesh was torn from the member. When finally the police forced him to give up the little one, he cursed them and prayed that they might be punished for subjecting his child to the worldly science of medicine. The father was knocked down by some person in the crowd and barely escaped lynching. He was arrested. Persons living in the vicinity of the building were inclined to connect the disaster with a warfare that had been waged between the ZOOK and COOLEY families for several days. This trouble led to a fierce fight between ZOOK and COOLEY Saturday night. COOLEY was severely beaten and he announced that he would apply on Monday morning for a warrant for ZOOK'S arrest. The ZOOKS lived in the front flat on the second floor. The COOLEYS lived on the floor above.

Hawarden Independent Iowa 1901-05-09