Chicago, IL Telegraph Pole Accident, May 1855

Frightful Accident.-On Saturday morning as persons connected with the telegraph office at Chicago, were attempting to change the wires in the polls at the corner of Clark and Lake Streets, a large cast iron cap, weighing ten pounds, was thrown from the top of one of the poles, and struck the head of WILIAM SLOAN, of Woodstock, who was passing at the time.

He fell as if he had been shot, and at first it was thought that he was killed, as his skull was broken, and he appeared to be without life. Aid was immediately rendered by Drs. Herrick and Bloodgood, who attended him at the Tremont House. He was still living on Sabbath evening, but with very little hope of recovery. Mr. Sloan is one of the oldest and wealthiest citizens of McHenry County, and was well known from his connection with the Illinois and Wisconsin R.R. Company-having been its President for several years.

Wisconsin Free Democrat, Milwaukee, WI 19 May 1855