Carlinville, IL Tornado, Apr 1880

Carlinville, Ill., April 24.--A cyclone of wonderful velocity and terrible in its effects passed a half mile north of this city at half-past 5 o’clock this evening. The storm gathered in the southwest and took a northeast course. It was preceded by a peculiar sound, and lasted but a few seconds. The clouds assumed the shape of an inverted cone, and came rolling up in a manner that sect a thrill of terror to all who witnessed its approach. Everything was swept before it, trees and hedges were torn to pieces, and the telegraph lines are all down, and no word can be received from the north. A passenger train on the Chicago & Alton at Anderson, four miles north, was met by the cyclone and had to stop. The following houses are reported to have been completely demolished: The residence of M. M. Anderson, barns and granary, the roof of a school house west of this city, a large brick dwelling belonging to J. G. Styer, the barn and outhouses of Gen. Richard Rowett, a large barn belonging to William Davenport, the stables at the Fair Grounds. A house is also reported to have been destroyed by lighting. The damage cannot be estimated as yet. It is thought the eastern portion of the county will suffer largely. No life lost as far as heard from.

Decatur Daily Republican, Decatur, IL 26 Apr 1880