Morrison, IL Tornado, Jun 1860


MORRISON, Whiteside Co., Ill., June 5, 1860.

MESSRS. EDITORS:-Our county was visited on the evening of the 4th inst. with the most destructive tornado which has ever passed over it-sweeping everything before it, and leaving death and destruction behind it. Fences were torn down, trees were torn from their roots, houses and barns unroofed and completely demolished; and in some instances scarcely a vestige left to tell where once stood a fine dwelling or a stately barn. The force of the tornado was so great that it swept hogs from their pens and carried them over two or three fences, and left them dead, with scarce a bruise or scratch. I saw a cow that was taken from the yard and over the fence, into the road, and left for dead. I never witnessed such complete destruction as I did yesterday in the course of this terrific whirlwind. It appears to have struck this county at Albany, on the Mississippi, where it destroyed a large amount of property and killed several persons. From thence it passed in an easetrly (sic) direction, sweeping everything in its course, but what number of lives were lost I have not learned, until it struck the southwest of our township, where it destroyed a large frame building and injured several of the inmates, breaking their limbs and otherwise mutilating them. It then passed on about three miles to the house of DRAPER RICHMOND, where it completely demolished his house, killing Mrs. R. and injuring Mr. R. so that he is in a dangerous condition-also breaking the leg of a young man living there. It then passed on, tearing down houses and barns, until it came to the house of Mr. DORR, which was torn in fragments, killing both Mr. DORR and his wife. It then passed on to a MR. GREEN's where it blew down a new house, instantly killing a son of Mr. G., when it passed over Rock River, and the extent of the damage on that side I have not learned; but it will long be remembered in this region of country as one of the most destructive gales that ever visited it. Yours in haste, JAMES A. FISHER.

Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL 6 Jun 1860