Chicago, IL Armstrong Paint Factory & Murray Co Fire, Jul 1888


A Man Burned to Death in Chicago.

Chicago, July 11--A fire which originated in the paint factory of D. R. Armstrong & Company, at 107 Fulton street, shortly after 6 o'lock [sic] yesterday evening, and which spread to the oleomargarine factory of J. J. Murray & Company, at 109 Fulton street, caused the death by burning of ALEXANDER JOHNSON, an employe [sic] of the former firm, and a total loss of about $40,000, half of the amount being in stock and fixtures and half on the buildings. A small cottage at 105 Fulton street was also burned.

Johnson was making his escape by the rear door of the paint factory when he was knocked down by the explosion of a tank, and was burned to death, the flames being so fierce that the firemen were unable to go to his rescue. Armstrong & Company's loss is $10,000, uninsured: Murray & Company's loss is $8,000, insured for $5,000. The buildings were all owned by William Gilnan, and were valued at $18,000, on which there is an insurance of $4,000.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 11 Jul 1888