Various Towns, IL Tornados, May 1896



Rockford, Ill., May 25. -- Four killed and many injured, a number of them fatally, is the result of the cyclone, which swept through this section last night at midnight. MRS. GODFREY HILDEBRAND, living near Monroe, was beheaded while going down the cellar to escape the storm. Her daughter, ELSIE, was also instantly killed, and her husband, who is a prominent Grand Army man, is dead from injuries received. Six others asleep in the house were blown across the street and injured. The house was completely demolished. Near Egan City, MRS. IZORA BIRD was instantly killed and her five children injured, two probably fatally. Near Leaf River, MR. and MRS. GEORGE GARNER, were both seriously injured. At Adeline the Methodist church was blown down and the United Brethren church unroofed. At Forreston the steeple of Methodist Episcopal church was blown on to the roof of the parsonage next door, crushing it in and injuring REV. and MRS. H. COLVIN, who were asleep.
Many bridges in this section were washed out and trains on the Milwaukee road abandoned. Illinois Central and Northwestern trains were all delayed by washouts. The rain which accompanied the wind was the heaviest in years and all the creeks are far out of their banks. The loss cannot be estimated, but it will be very large in Winnebago, Ogle, Lee and Boone Counties, which seem to suffer most severely.

Galena, Ill., May 25. -- The storm last night caused a property loss of $100,000 in Galena. The river swelled rapidly, flooding several streets. It was the heaviest fall of rain every known here. One fatality is reported, MRS. B. D. STRICKLAND, who was drowned in her home.

Elgin, Ill., May 25. -- A tornado visited this section this morning. JOHN KEOUGH, engineer of the state insane asylum, was killed by a falling chimney. The Elgin sewing machine and bicycle factory was blown down and many buildings were leveled. The bicycle factory employed 200 men. At Monroe Center, De Kalb County, two women, mother and daughter, names unknown, were killed, the daughter's head being severed from the body.

St. Paul Globe Minnesota 1896-05-26