Forest Home, IL Train Accident, Jun 1891

Remarkable Escape from Death.

Coroner Hertz’s clerk, James Graham, tells a remarkable story of a boy’s escape from death Sunday in Forest Home. As the fast train on the Chicago, St. Paul & Kansas City Road was rushing through the town the passengers were startled by the sound of the danger whistle. In a few moments the train was brought to a standstill and it was learned that a boy had been run over. The train men rushed back to gather up the remains, when the supposed corpse arose from the track and walked toward them. The youngster had not received a scratch, and was just as sound and lively as ever. Nobody was more astonished than the lad’s father, who had been walking with him on the track as the train approached. The father explained that at the sound of the whistle he stepped off the track, but the boy, becoming frightened, refused to move. As the train was within a few yards of the boy the father shouted to him to lie down. The boy obeyed instantly and the engine and train of cars passed over him without causing the least injury.

Chicago Herald, Chicago, IL 9 Jun 1891