Glenview Naval Air Station, IL Vulcan Bomber Crash, Aug 1978


Glenview Naval Air Station, Ill. (UPI) -- The pilot of a British Vulcan bomber, who died in a crash along with three crew members, apparently intentionally aimed the plane for a garbage dump to avoid hitting a residential area.
"It would be a miracle in a way if he just landed there (in the dump) accidentally," said John Egbert, chief of the naval station's public information office. "That is the only open area surrounding the naval center and it's entirely possible he was headed there to avoid a bigger tragedy."
Federal and local aviation officials said their investigation of the Friday crash should be completed next week.
The British Vulcan bomber crashed and burst into a ball of flames shortly after takeoff from the Glenview Naval Air Station, killing all four Royal Air Force crew members aboard and scattering their bodies several feet from the wreckage in a nearby landfill a mile north of the naval station.
Killed were:
The Commander, CHRIS EDWARDS, 31.
Co-Pilot, SIMON FARLOW, 32.
Navigator, NIGEL THOMAS, 29.
Air Electronics Officer, JAMIE HAMILTON, 36.
The delta-winged bomber, which was to practice maneuvers for Chicago's Lakefront Festival air show during the weekend, developed trouble several minutes after takeoff, officials said.
Bil Kozuch, 26, an employee of an auto body shop near the station, said he watched the plane climb after takeoff.
"It started to nosedive and he (the pilot) banked left toward Northbrook, where a lot of people live," Kozuch said. "He made that left hand bank and then he banked back to the right and went right into the dump and crashed."
"He obviously turned to miss going into the residential area and causing a catastrophe."
The charred body of the pilot was found about 100 yards from the crash site lying near a railroad trestle. Another body was found under a wing of the plane. Two others were discovered several feet from the craft, which shattered into dozens of smaller smouldering fragments, many lost amid tiny heaps of acrid garbage.

Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 1978-08-12


Crash Photos

Hello...Do you have a copy of the photos Thanks J

Hi There. Did you actually

Hi There. Did you actually see the aircraft hit the ground. Apparently it hit the ground twice Ta John

I saw the plane banking

I was working at Green Acres Country Club in Northbrook and was on the 1st hole (caddying) and saw the plane momentarily in a very steep left bank turn. A few seconds later, I saw the horrible black smoke from the crash.

Vulcan Crash

I was a pilot with VR51 at the time and was returning to NAS Glenview in a C-118B the next day and well remember flying over the still smoking crash site, just prior to landing. We heard later that the pilot was attempting a hammerhead turn/split S. At the very top of the climb at or near a stall, the pilot supposedly reduced power on two of the four engines to increase the turn rate from near straight up to straight down, but was too low and hit the ground before the engines could get spooled back up to full power. Very sad.

I was also a caddy at Sunset

I was also a caddy at Sunset Ridge C.C. Our foursome was on the 17th green, which offered an unobstructed view of the trash dump. We all watched the plane turning back toward the navel air station and sensed something was wrong. It was very unsettling witnessing the cloud of black smoke rise up and then hearing the sound of the explosion moments later.


I was a member of the groundcrew at RAF Newton 1974/75. It was a pleasure to know Chris Edwards, he was a real nice guy. Took me up in Chipmonks and Bulldogs. Mike

Vulcan Bomber Crash

I was a Firefighter on line stand-by and the first fire vehicle on scene. I was a rookie firefighter and we were on Stand-by watching the air craft, which had just filled up with fuel, as it passed from North to South low level fly by. It banked and made another low level pass practicing maneuvers for the air show when it tried to pull straight up and it stalled. Sorry to say all the crew died. Rick Rowe Retired Firefighter

I was not quite 18 when this

I was not quite 18 when this happened-we were used to all the planes flying over head…we lived in the path of the planes for over 30 years…it was a true tragedy.

Chris Edwards (Pilot)

Chris went to John Lyon school in Harrow , and I went to Wembley County , and although we did not know each
other then , we met on the 4th October 1964 when we entered the RAF College CRANWELL .
There we became good friends and attended many classes
and lectures together as part of our flying training.
In 1967 we went our separate ways , never to meet again
but with good memories , and I was happy to have had the privilege of meeting his parents in Northwood Hills during our College years .

Your husband

What unbelievable grief you must have gone through when your husband died, I know this is of little consultation but your husband was a hero for his actions.