Edinburg, IL Tornado, Apr 1880

Edinburg, Ill., April 26.--The track of the tornado of night before last was visited by a large number of people yesterday and today, and close investigation proves that the first reports of damages and loss of life were underestimated. The storm was more extended than at first supposed. Mr. PERKINS’ place sustained a damage of two thousand dollars, in the loss of two large barns at this place.

Many peculiar features of the tornado may be seen here. There were some twenty five large apple trees standing near his barn. All of these, with the exception of one, were taken up by the roots and piled on a piece of ground not exceeding one quarter of an acre in extent, and 300 yards from where they originally stood. Mr. PERKINS lost 25 fat hogs, twelve head of cattle, two mules and three horses. All of them were taken up by the immense suction, being elevated fifty to one hundred feet in the air and thence scattered in every direction. Mrs. HEFRON lost three horses, two cows, all the hens and chickens, and in fact every animal on the place. The injured at this place number six. They are doing well, with the exception of one child which had an eye put out, one arm broken and its foot crushed. Mr. WATTS lost some 15 head of cattle and two horses. An eye witness describes the manner in which these horses were blown away. They were standing about one hundred feet apart when struck by the tornado. One was raised one hundred feet and the other one hundred and twenty-five feet. One was thrown 100 yards east of where it was standing and the other a quarter of a mile west of the starting place. This is the place where Mr. GIGINS and wife were carried through the air for a quarter of a mile. Mr. GIGINS is reported dead this evening. His wife very low. A Mrs. HENRY STEMFER was killed west of the river, thus making six deaths to the present time. The loss is estimated all the way from $50,000 to $100,000.

Decatur Daily Republican, Decatur, IL 27 Apr 1880