Tiskilawa, IL Train Wreck, Sept 1904

Three Killed in Illinois.

Princeton, Ill., Sept. 8.—The Kansas City fast passenger train on the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, has been wrecked one-half east of Tiskilawa and more than Thirty persons were badly injured, three of whom have since died.

The passenger train collided with the rear end of a freight train that had broken in two. The engine driver escaped injury and the fireman was serious hurt.

Half a dozen passenger cars were wrecked and the passengers thrown in every direction, eight landing in a cornfield at one side of the track. Many of the injured were taken to Tiskilawa and others to the hospital at La Salle.

The dead are a man supposed to be named Donaldson, of Chicago, an unindentified{sic} Italian, and another unidentified man.

Daily People, New York, NY 9 Sept 1904