Peoria, IL Near Drowning, Jun 1906

W.E. Mason’s Escape.

Ex-Senator and a Party Have a Close Call on the Illinois River.
Special to The New York Times.

Peoria, Ill., June 8.-Ex-United States Senator William E. Mason and a party of friends had a narrow escape from death by drowning in the Illinois River this afternoon, when the endeavored to fight their way down the river in a small launch in a fierce gale, accompanied by heavy rain.

A short distance below Peoria they were struck by a squall which caused the twenty-five-foot motor boar to heel over and partly fill with water. Heroic efforts on the part of W.E. mason, Jr., righted the fragile craft.

The men in the party used their hats and all the dishes available to bail out the boat, but the waves washed over so fast that they could not keep the water down, and they were in danger of sinking in midstream. The women in the party were hysterical.

With Mr. Mason were his son, Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Mason, J.W. Meeker, Jr., Miss Mason and Miss Strong.

“That’s a closer shave than I want to have again,” said the ex-Senator at a hotel after he had donned dry clothes.

The New York Times, New York, NY 9 Jun 1906