Lexington, IL High School Experiment Explosion, Jan 1890


Bloomington, Ill., Jan. 29. -- At Lexington, this county, yesterday, white PROF. JESS, principal of the public schools, was making oxygen for experimental purposes in the high school the apparatus exploded. The retort was composed in part of iron with iron-pipe connections. Nearly a score of teachers and pupils were injured.
Among the most severely hurt are the following:
PROF. JESS, burned about the face, head, and arms, and both eyes injured: will probably lose his sight.
BERTIE FARRELL, aged 20, compound fracture of the leg and an artery cut: likely to die.
CORA KEMP, aged 16, fracture of leg.
HATTIE BARNARD, aged 16, struck in breast with piece of iron pipe; severely hurt.
RUSSELL STEVENSON, flesh wound on leg.
Others hurt are:
A piece of pipe was blown through a can of gasoline which took fire. Pieces of the apparatus were blown through the brick walls of the building, and all the windows of the room were broken and the furniture wrecked.

Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette Iowa 1890-01-29