Alton, IL Auto And Bus Collision, Feb 1946



Alton, Illinois - Five persons, occupants of a passenger car, were injured at 7:45 p.m. Wednesday in collision of the automobile and a bus of Citizens Coach Co. at the intersection of Broadway and Washington. The crash was the only one of a serious nature to be reported to the police during the Wednesday evening blizzard period when snow and sleet, clinging to windshields, added to hazards of motor vehicle travel on icy streets.
The injured according to a police report were WILLIAM F. KNECHT, 24, of Cleveland, O., driver of the automobile, a 2-door sedan, who suffered a laceration of his right forearm and bruises; his brother, JOSEPH KNECHT, of St. Louis, bruises and leg injury; MRS. JENNIE KNECHT, wife of JOSEPH, bruises about chest; GERALDINE, 3-year-old daughter of MR. and MRS. JOSEPH KNECHT, possible skull fracture; and VALENTINE NOVAL of Cleveland, bruises and leg injury.
Also in the passenger car but listed as unhurt were Mrs. Novak, and the Novak children, Donald, 4, and Beverly, 3.
The injured were taken to Alton Memorial Hospital by a motorist, D. Blackburn, police said, WILLIAM KNECHT and NOVAK being dismissed after emergency treatment. The KNECHT child, GERALDINE, was believed the most severely hurt of those remaining under hospital care today.
Police said that they learned WILLIAM F. KNECHT, a recently discharged war veteran, had driven from Cleveland, accompanied by the NOVAKS, to visit at the home of his brother, and that the motor party at time of the collision were on their way to the home of friends in Alton where they were to have been dinner guests.
The Cleveland man's car was being driven west on Broadway at time of the crash, and the Citizens coach was starting a left turn north on Washington. The automobile was partly wedged under the left front of the bus as result of the collision, the windshield of the sedan being broken when occupants were thrown against it, said police. Westbound traffic is controlled by a boulevard stop sign at Washington.
The bus, driven by John L. Beard, was disabled, and Swain's tow-car crew was called to move the damaged sedan.
Also reported to police during the storm was a collision at Broadway and Illinois between a coach driven by Eli Smith, 553 East Third, and a sedan driven by Charlie Warr of Lincoln Avenue, Alton, Route 2.

Alton Evening Telegraph Illinois