Galesburg, IL Automobile And Train Collide, Mar 1958


Galesburg, Ill., (UP) - A family of five en route to a Sunday visit with relatives was killed when their car was struck by a passenger train at a rural gravel road crossing near here.
Killed were WILLIAM E. BARRY, 23, Oneida, Ill., a potato chip salesman; his wife, SYLVIA, 22, and their children, DINA, 3, DAVID, 2, and DONALD, 3 months.
Authorities had to work several hours to remove the bodies of MRS. BARRY and the two boys from the crumpled car, which was dragged more than 1,000 feet down the track.
F. C. Healy, engineer of the Chicago, Quincy and Burlington Railroad's Minneapolis - to - St. Louis train, told state police that BARRY was driving "pretty fast" and then slowed down as he approached the crossing as if he were going to stop. But the car picked up speed again, Healy said, and was struck by the train.

Marysville Journal-Tribune Ohio 1958-03-17