Metropolis, IL Two Auto Collision Kills Six, Jul 1959


Metropolis, Ill., July 6 (AP) - Two cars crashed and burned in early morning fog today, killing six persons - a four member family returning from a holiday and a father and his son.
Coroner J. Herbert Goyett identified the dead in one car as:
ROBERT STANFORD, age unknown;
his wife, DOROTHY, 28;
and their children, NANCY, 1; and BOBBIE, 3.
They lived in Joliet.
Killed in the other car was:
EARL U. JETTON, 26, Chicago;
his son, DALE, 6, died later in a nearby Paducah, Ky., hospital after being pulled from the burning wreckage by passing motorists.
Identification of the STANFORD family was made from Mississippi license plates on their car. Stanford moved from Nettleton, Miss., to Joliet where he was employed by a chemical firm. MRS. STANFORD was expecting a child in about five months, Goyette said.
Fog which covered Highway 145 was blamed by state police for the crash, 10 miles northeast of Metropolis. The cars collided about 5:20 a.m.
Two motorists were credited with pulling young JETTON from the burning car. State Police said Roy Riley of Paducah, and Harold Wilson of Cleveland were among the first at the scene.
State Policeman Oron Souders said JETTON apparently was en route to his parents' home in Lynnville, Ky.
Flames from a gasoline tank on one of the cars engulfed the smashed vehicles almost immediately, Souders said. Bodies of the STANFORD family were burned beyond recognition.

Decatur Herald Illinois 1959-07-07