Alorton, IL Auto Collision Kills Six, Jun 1996


Alorton (AP) - Six people died when a car being pursued by police crashed into a car carrying women home from church.
CLEMENTINE PEALS; BESSIE BYNUM; DOROTHY HOPKINS and DOLORES MARTIN died Saturday night when their Cadillac was hit by an Audi driven by JOSEPH MARSHALL, 29, police said.
Police did not have the women's ages and hometowns. The women were returning home from St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church in East St. Louis.
Police began pursuing MARSHALL when radar clocked him driving 60 mph in a 35 mph zone in Centreville, St. Clair County Sheriff's Lt. Johnnie Davis said.
MARSHALL pulled over in Centreville but sped away when a police officer approached his car, Centreville police chief Curtis McCall said. About 1 1/2 miles away in Alorton, MARSHALL'S Audi ran a stop sign and crashed into the Cadillac, McCall said.
MARSHALL and his passenger, FREDDIE ROGERS, 32, also were killed, police said. A fifth passenger in the Cadillac and the driver of a third car, which was hit by either the Cadillac or the Audi, also were injured.
MARSHALL and ROGERS both had outstanding warrants on misdemeanor charges in St. Clair County, McCall said.
The officer that engaged the Audi in the chase is a 28-year veteran of the force who followed Centreville police policy at all times, McCall said. The sheriff and the Illinois State Police are investigating the accident, he said.

The Pantagraph Bloomington Illinois 1996-07-01