Freeport, IL Auto Crashes Into Bridge, Jan 1964


Freeport, Ill. (AP) - A jarring auto crash killed seven of 11 persons riding in an auto Sunday night that was pierced from front to rear by a section of bridge railing.
Police said the dead were members of two families returning on a rural road from a visit in the Freeport area to Apple River, Ill., and Shullsburg, Wis. The accident happened 10 miles north of Freeport under wet, foggy conditions.
Dead are MRS. JOHN SEFFROOD, about 34; her daughter, LENORA, 8; RONNIE SIGAFUS, 19, all of Shullsburg; and three brothers and a sister from Apple River, PETER COSGROVE, 8; JAMES, 6; ROBERT, 5; and CATHY, 4.

The Winona Daily News Minnesota 1964-01-20