Assumption, IL Tornado, May 1917

2 Assumption Farm Homes Destroyed

Thousands of Dollars of Damage to Crops From Fierce Hail Storm--Hail Large as Goose Eggs

Assumption. May 26- Two farm houses were destroyed and damage estimated at thousands of dollars resulted from the fierce wind and hail storm which swept this section at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon. No one was injured.

Farm Homes Destroyed

The homes of Edward Behle and Edward Whaley, six miles southeast of here were lifted from their foundations and smashed flat. Realizing the danger Mr. Behle and his family, consisting of his wife and six children fled to the basement of the home and escaped injury.

Likewise Mr. Whaley and his family escaped the fury of the storm while their home was twisted from its foundation and destroyed. The two families resided across the road from each other. The damage at both places is estimated at between $8,000 and $10,000.

Hail Large as Goose Eggs

Never before in the history of this city has such a hail storm visited Assumption. The noise of the hail was deafening. As soon as the storm subsided men could be seen on the street carrying the large hail stones in their arms. Many of the hail stones weighed more than a pound, and measured more than eight inches in circumference.

Knocked Farmer Down

John Phillips, a farmer residing west of town, ventured out in the storm, and the fall of hail was so terrific that he was knocked down.

Small Grain Ruined

The damage to the wheat, oats and also corn fields within a radius of two miles where the corn was just coming through the ground, is enormous. The beating hail cut large holes in the fields.

Gardens and orchards are utterly ruined by the devastating hail.

Every North Window Broken

Practically ever north window light in Assumption with a north frontage was broken out by the hail. Roofs were so damaged that they now resemble sieves.

Cluster Lights Smashed

Every cluster light in the four business blocks of this city was riddled.

Foliage Stripped From Trees

Practically all the foliage from the fruit and shade trees were stripped off. The town never appeared in such a damaged condition.