Joliet, IL Palm Sunday Tornado, Mar 1920

JOLIET, Ill., March 28.---Two persons were probably fatally injured by the tornado which struck Plainfield, a few miles west of Joliet, today. Twelve others were hurt.

The tornado swept everything in its way. After it had passed it was found that 25 barns had been destroyed. Nearly one hundred horses and cows were killed.

A freak of the storm was the sudden disappearance of a flock of wild ducks. More than 100 of the birds were sheltering in a quarry near Joliet, but after the storm had passed not even a feather was in evidence.

Tulsa Daily World, Tulsa, OK 29 Mar 1920


John Denver, of Joliet, Ill., was injured when his automobile was turned upside down by the wind. More than a score of barns in the neighborhood of Plainfield were demolished.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 29 Mar 1920


A blinding dust storm was the first knowledge of the impending tornado given to farmers living near Joliet, Ill.

At Six Corners, Ill., near Joliet, several farmers were reported killed and more than a score injured when the tornado swept down on them.

The family of W. W. Gaylord was no more than locate in their cellar when the tornado swept by, taking the house above then along with it. When they looked out of the cellar their house was several hundred feet down the road.

The Fort Wayne News And Sentinel, Ft Wayne, IN 29 Mar 1920